Smart Grid

The HAN/BAN is an essential tool in the Smart Grid application offerings, and allows Smart Grid applications to communicate intelligently with various appliances. The Gnrgy IntelliGrid allows individuals to remotely connect to and control many devices throughout the home or office.

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Energy Efficiency

Gnrgy’s cutting-edge products focus on efficient energy usage in low cost and user-friendly solutions varying from smart plugs and USB keys to remote controls.

Entering energy efficiency into your home and office , you can control and be informed on the power delivered to any electric appliance at home and office, save 10% to 15% off your residential electricity bill

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Gnrgy offers a simple solution for electric vehicles on the road today and being developed for tomorrow.

Rather than creating new infrastructure for each EV charging station, the Gnrgy smart plug converts conventional outlets into a smart charging station for electric vehicles or equipment.

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Euros Saved On Enrgy Bills

Lbs of CO2 Abated

Kilo Watts Hour Saved

  • 08/11 - Gnrgy completed an energy efficiency project at the city of Eilat
  • 07/11 - Gnrgy provides EV charging services in Germany
  • 05/11 - Gnrgy intreduced the EZCharge - a mode 3 EV charger